How to Orgasm without touching yourself


Often when we are in sexual heat and don’t have a partner nearby, masturbation is the way out. To please ourselves and achieve an orgasm, we touch ourselves and our private parts, mimic sex. I did a post earlier where I showed a creative way for men to masturbate. In that post I mentioned about a way to orgasm without touching. Here, I discuss that in details.

Have you ever wondered if its possible to orgasm without masturbation or touching yourself? You would have and then rejected the thought as impossible. But what if I told you that its possible? Yes, it is possible. It can be done by both men and women. It requires insane amount of concentration and practice. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Don’t masturbate for a few days. Control for possibly 7–10 days. Let us call this the celibacy period.
  2. Practice meditation for 10–15 minutes everyday during this period of celibacy. Practice concentrating on your body and try to feel it. This is very important.
  3. By this time you should be desperate to masturbate and release
  4. Get yourself comfortable in a room where no one is going to disturb you for at least an hour or two
  5. The room should be dark and temperature to your liking
  6. Switch off your phone. You can’t afford to have even the slightest disturbance
  7. Lie down on the bed. Naked or not is your choice. But beware, you might cum at the end of this activity. So plan accordingly
  8. Do not touch your dick/pussy. That’s the whole point of this activity
  9. Close your eyes and start meditating
  10. Drift your thoughts towards sex.
  11. Recall how you have not masturbated for so long and how good it is going to feel to release
  12. Imagine your hands moving to your dick and giving it gentle stroke or to your pussy and rubbing it with love
  13. Feel the hardness or the slippery wet feeling
  14. Introduce the person of your fantasies in your thoughts
  15. Let the person act like you would want them to in your real life. Live out your sexual fantasy with that person
  16. Let the person play with your body or you play with theirs. Remember this is all in your thoughts and you can control it. You can do or make the person do anything that will lead to sexual satisfaction for you.
  17. Again, your thoughts should have an effect on your body. You should feel your body respond to your or the person moves, touches, kisses, bites, etc.
  18. If you do it correctly, you should feel your orgasm build up. Your heartbeat will also increase and you can hear your heart beating. It is normal
  19. Don’t get too excited. There might be tendency to lose your concentration at this point. It’s because of the excitement that you were able to build up an orgasm without touching yourself.
  20. Understand that the act is not over yet. You have only built up the orgasm. You still have to achieve it.
  21. Maintain your concentration and continue with your sexual act till you hit the orgasm.
  22. Enjoy the orgasm and feel proud that you could achieve it without touching yourself
  23. Let your friends know that it’s possible by sharing this answer with them
  24. Come back and thank me in the comments

Try it out and do let me and others know your experience.

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