Make anal sex a smooth and pleasurable experience


Anal sex is a beautiful experience. Anus is a highly erogenous zone. If done properly, the pleasure it provides to your partner satisfies you a lot. The look on your partner’s face will be priceless while performing anal if you do it correct.

Ability to enjoy and provide pleasure to your partner in anal sex requires lots of skills and patience. It gives you a sense of pride for having achieved that. However, trying to indulge in it without preparations could lead to aversion of anal sex for life.

Anal sex requires a lot of preparation. Make sure you undergo all the preparations and take necessary precautions.

Things to consider while having anal sex:

Perform enema

It will provide a clean experience. Most people have reservations regarding anal because they are worried about the mess. Performing enema will help you get rid of that.

Lubricate well

Use lots of lube. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce natural lubricants.

Choose your favourite lubricant and buy it on amazon:

Use condom

The anal region is loaded with bacteria. I always recommend that you use a condom.

Take it really slow

Start with your fingers. Once your partner is comfortable and is enjoying it, add more fingers. If you have a thick dick, take your time with the fingers to get your partners anus adjusted to the width. Remember, the more time you give to anal sex, the more pleasurable it becomes.

Relax the anal muscles

Consider using anal-plugs to relax the muscles there. Ask your partner to put on the anal plug at least a couple of hours before you get started. On a side note, you can use anal-plug too. It will boost your pleasure too.

Remember SLRSlow, Lube and Relax. Keep this three points in mind and soon she would be asking for more.

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