Give Her The Ultimate Erotic Massage!


Sometimes a long and stressful week at work can make it really difficult for you to get into the mood. Foreplay can help to relax a little, but the best thing you can do to help ease your partner’s stress is to treat her to an erotic massage.

Erotic massages are not only fun to receive but they are also a lot of fun to give. You get to slowly tease your partner and drive them wild with your hands. You get to watch their body react to every little touch. It’ll get you both in the mood and help her unwind after work!

But how do you give her the ultimate erotic massage? Well, you can start by following our tips below.

Set the mood

As nice as it would be for your partner to immediately strip for their massage, you are going to have to help ease them into it. This involves setting the mood, and you can do this in a number of different ways.

For a start, get them to enjoy a nice long bath. A hot bath will help to relax their aching muscles and give them a chance to unwind. It also gives you the time you need to prepare the bedroom for them.

Get some candles to light around the room. If you don’t want to risk an open flame, you can buy battery-powered “candles” which look just as good, without the risk of burning. However, getting actual candles means you can fill the room with a gorgeous scent to help relax them. Make sure you go for a subtle smell. You don’t want anything over powering.

You should also play some music. You can use services like Spotify to create your own playlist, but if you don’t pay for the service you’ll get irritating adverts in the middle of your massage. It can really take you out of the moment, so perhaps pull up a video on YouTube with relaxing music and no adverts. It means you don’t have to worry about changing the song at all!

When they do get out of the bath, turn down the lights and ask them to lie on the bed. Then the massage can start!

Start off slow

To begin with, this shouldn’t be a massage to turn them on. That comes later. In the early stages, you simply want to get your partner as relaxed as possible, and there are a few different techniques you can do for this.

Keep your palm flat at first. You can slide it slowly all over their body, from fingertips all the way to their toes. This will help them to unwind, as well as get used to your hands on them.

When you are ready, you can then start to work your thumbs and fingers into the knots of their body. Start at the top and work your way down, moving slow, firm circles as you do. Don’t press too hard as this could cause pain. Instead you want to put them totally at ease, so moving slowly and steadily across their body is going to work much better.

When you are simply helping them to relax, you want to avoid the more sensitive areas of their body. Don’t touch their ass or tits until you are sure that they are properly relaxed and ready for what you have in mind next.

The erotic massage

When you have decided that it is time to give them a truly erotic massage, you can then start to change the way you are touching them. Instead of firm touches with your hands, go for light ones with your fingertips.

Trail your fingers teasingly over their body, pausing close to their more sensitive areas. Do this over their body a few times until they start breathing heavily or moving against you. This is a sign that they are ready for you to do more.

Now you can start to touch them where they are most sensitive. Start with their boobs. You want to slowly rub them, letting your fingers get very close to the nipple without touching. This will drive them wild and have them moaning in no time at all. When their nipples are hard, you can then stroke them, pinching them hard between your fingers.

With one hand there, you can slowly trail your other down to their pussy. As with their tits you don’t want to touch their clit or pussy lips just yet. Gently circle them to drive her wild and when you think she is desperate for more, give her what she wants. The slow seduction of this erotic massage will have her dripping wet.

A happy ending!

If you really want to make it memorable, you can give her one hell of a happy ending. When your hands have done all they can in this erotic massage you can then move between her legs, lowering your lips to her cunt.

As with the rest of the massage, go slow. You don’t want to rush this. The longer and more intense the build up, the bigger her orgasm will be. It will feel more satisfying for her and be incredible for you, especially when you have worked so hard at giving her the ultimate erotic massage.

Got some other tips you want to share? Leave a comment in the box below.

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