Creative ways for men to masturbate – The Home Made Pussy


Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack!!! Masturbation… The way out when you are getting the real deal. Well, we all know the normal way to masturbate where you wrap your palm around your dick and start the motion. How would you like to try an easy and innovative way? I will teach you one which I have personally tried.

The home-made pussy:

Things you will need are

  • Surgical gloves –
    The gloves will act as the skin of the pussy. Treat it with all the respect that you can. Instead of you hand, the glove will cover your dick when you masturbate using this technique.
  • Hand towel

  • Rubber Bands –
    They will provide the tightness. Try to get rubber bands of some good quality

  • Lubricant

Buy lubricant on amazon and get it delivered descretely:

Now that we have all the necessary items, lets get to the process of making it.

Make the Pussy

  • Fold the towel along the smaller edge and place the glove on that as shown in the image below. Wash the gloves before using them:

Notice how a part of the glove is outside the towel. Make sure to leave about two inches of the open end of the glove outside. It’s important.

  • Fold the towel again to cover the gloves.

I hope by now you should be getting an idea what the final piece is gonna look like. ;). Its gonna change the way you masturbate. Horny??

  • Fold one side of the towel as shown and similarly the other side
  • It should finally look like this
  • Now is where we will use the exposed part of the glove. Stretch it and pull it down in a way such that it engulfs the top end of the towel. Finally, you should get this
  • Now we are going to use the rubber bands. You don’t want to be pumping something that puts no pressure on your dick right? Use the rubber bands and put them around the glove and the towel. How far you ask? That depends how deep you can push. You are the best person to answer that. Here’s what it would look like in the end

The choice of rubber bands will decide the tightness/pleasure you experience. In general, more the number of rubber bands, more the pressure. You don’t want it to be too loose or too tight. You could also double fold the rubber bands. Experiment to see what feels best for you.

  • Put some lube on it. Use your fingers to lubricate the inner walls of your new toy. Lube up your tool as well. In case you are unable to manage some lube, use oil. But never and I say again NEVER use soap. Your tool will be dry as fuck after that.

Now you know what to do. Go forth and enjoy. After use, discard the glove. And in case you don’t know what to do next, I suggest you take an oath of celibacy for life.

There is one more way but its extremely difficult to achieve. I have been able to achieve it only twice in 14 years. It involves no touching. But involves extreme concentration. I mean really really extreme concentration. You can read about it here – How to orgasm without touching yourself.

For now, enjoy this!!

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