Kolkata sexcapade – part 1


Riya and our lust

I arrived at her sumptuous pad earlier than expected. Her sleepy eyes started glowing in their full beauty the moment she saw me. She greeted me at the door with a big hug and kiss – wearing a see-through red negligee, red satin panties and naked feet. We have been planning this moment for over a month now.

The start of something

She held my right hand, looked me into the eyes and led me upstairs to the bedroom after biting her lower lip. Once there she began to undress me. As she unbuttoned my shirt she was kissing and nibbling at my nipples. She unzipped my pants and as she lowered them she lowered herself so that her mouth was at my crotch level. Holding my solid cock in one hand she started to kiss and lick my balls, gradually inserting one finger up my ass which made my cock even harder!

As she massaged my hole she started to lick my knob, eventually inserting it into her red generous mouth. Boy what a feeling! I can tell you I was near boiling point in the already hot and humid climate of Kolkata.

As Riya made all of my cock disappear behind her enticing lips, which were still red from last night’s party I guess, I felt I was about to explode. She realized I was close and mumbled something, which told me to go ahead and cum. Oh! The joy of being with a woman who can understand even the slightest hints from the man she is with. She just pulled my weapon out but kept licking the knob and started stroking it. As I shot a “string of pearls” into her mouth, she smiled and her eyes reflected the joy a kid experiences on receiving a candy. Some went dribbling down onto her pert nipples. She opened her mouth to show me the prized results of her efforts and drank it like she had been thirsty for ages and my cum was the only nectar that could quench it.

Still on her knees before me, she then started rubbing my cum, that had dribbled onto her nipples, into her tits and looked up at me with such a sexy smile. I knew there was more to cum……. She told me to have a quick shower and she’d have a surprise for me when I came out.

Round two

Right enough when I came back she had changed into a black basque with matching panties and stockings. She was laying leisurely on the bed with one leg bent up in a “come fuck me” pose. Well I didn’t need a second invitation – I got myself between those lovely stocking-clad legs and began to nibble at her crotch.

It smelled sweetly with a slight pussy aroma. The silky panties encased her little mound, which I kissed and licked until the crotch became so wet it was see-through. Pulling the silky material to one side I started to lick her pink pussy properly, inserting my tongue and using it to play with her small clit. She had a perfectly shaved pussy with a little triangle left above her clit. It was a sight to behold. But the taste was much more inviting.

Riya was moaning and moving her hips a lot so I knew she was enjoying it too. She then ordered me up for a deep kiss and as we French kissed I started to finger her pussy. She was very wet down there. She ordered me to rip off her black silky panties.

Always happy to oblige I ripped them off her – which seemed to make her even hotter! Casting the torn silk to one side on the bed, I pushed her onto her back and she automatically lifted her sexy legs and spread them to welcome me in.

A great time

My cock was raging hard at this stage and she was so moist that my knob slipped in without much bother and slid up her tight love hole. Riya locked her heels around my lower back. As I pumped her pussy for all I was worth, she was screaming and digging her nails on my back and my hips to fuck her harder.

As I had cum earlier on her face I was able to stay at it longer this time. Suddenly she muttered “Shonaaaa, doggy style e chod amake (Baby, fuck me doggy style)” in her sexy Bengali voice. With that she slipped my cock out and turned over on all fours, hugging the pillow and lifting her ass up for my pleasure. The bedsheet where her ass had been was now wet as if someone had poured water there. With a faint smile on my face but lust still burning in me, I quickly plundered her hole and was again giving it to her big when I noticed her little brown rosebud peeping up at me.

Without losing a stroke, I licked my index finger with saliva and slowly inserted it in Riya’s secret hole. Her moans told me it was ok to push a little further and soon I had all my finger in and was fucking her in both holes. This had the effect of pushing both of us over the edge. Soon I was shooting a wad deep into Riya’s silky pussy hole, and she was screaming as her orgasm hit.

Collapsing side by side with my cock still in her pussy I nuzzled up to her and we kissed again. We stayed like this for a while as I caressed her beautiful tits. I don’t remember when I fell asleep. I woke up at around 10 in the morning, to find myself covered with a sheet. I could see Riya standing in the balcony with another beauty. Oh my God! That’s Abhilasha, Riya’s elder sister. What is she doing here?

I could see them looking at me. Riya whispered something in Abhilasha’s ears. Abhilasha wet her lips, clenched her teeth and drew a long deep breath. The way she looked at me meant only one thing. They started moving towards me and I could feel my cock regaining its glory once again.


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